Are DVDs Still Market Trendy Today?

When DVDs first hit the market back in 1997, the world witnessed a new enlightenment in terms of how they would consume their favorite movies, TV programs, music videos, and video games. Instead of having to put up with multiple discs via compact discs or CDs or tolerate the grainy images and terrible audio of magnetic tapes, they could get everything they need in one piece of plastic. However, are DVDs still market trendy even with Promo Codes? Let’s find out.

DVD Competitors

There’s no denying that DVDs have declined in popularity of late and this is due to a variety of competitors that have stolen its spotlight. Chief among them is Blu-ray, which offers quite a bit of additional benefits to watching movies or TV shows at home. However, a few other players have come onto the scene lately in the form of video or audio streaming services such as Netflix.

Are People Still Buying DVDs?

Despite the marked reduction in exposure and consumption, the sale and use of DVDs is still actually quite good. This applies to everything, from movies, to music, to video games, and even software. That last part is particularly relevant because there really isn’t any need to use Blu-ray discs to store programs like Microsoft Office, operating systems, and other types of digital products.

In fact, due to the rise in high quality entertainment, DVD sales have stayed strong over the years. When the movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released for DVD, for example, it was the most popular title on the platform.

Why People Still Buy DVDs

There are plenty of reasons for why people still buy DVDs, but chief among them would have to be the cost. Buying a DVD makes quite a bit of financial sense as opposed to going to movie theatres, buying it in Blu-ray or paying for a monthly subscription. What’s more, most DVD players are quite cheap, what with Coupon Codes On Products, and there are DVD software products in the market that are practically free.

The quality of images on DVDs is still quite high as well, even when compared to Blu-ray. Not everyone needs 4K resolution since not everyone has a TV capable of using that kind of image quality.