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Turn VHS to DVD - Download the latest & greatest DVD Software including: DVD Ripper & DVD Converter software, DVD Copier & DVD Burner software &  more!  Also learn about DVD Burner hardware, DVD discs, and the DVD format!

DVD Copy Plus - DVD Ripper & DVD Converter software to convert DVD to CD!

With DVD Copy Plus you can backup Your DVD Movies with the same 74min or 80min CD-R's you've used in the past to create audio CD's. This DVD Ripper software compresses the large DVD files on your standard DVD to VCD, SVCD, and DivX much the same way the popular MP3 format compresses audio.

All the software you need to COPY your own DVD Movies is included in DVD Copy Plus! With detailed, easy to follow, step-by-step instructions, you can COPY DVDs and BURN DVD movies using nothing more than the DVD Copy Plus / DVD Ripper software, a DVD-ROM drive and your CD Burner!

DVD Copy Plus allows you to choose what audio and video features you want to incorporate into your new backup DVD, including such features as screen size formats such as wide screen and letterbox. If you're one of the many people who prefer to watch your DVD movie with subtitles, DVD Copy Plus gives you the option to choose any language available on the original DVD. In addition, special features such as movie trailers and bonus tracks can be included when you create your custom collection.

+Learn more about DVD Copy Plus Now!+

Every backup copy you make with DVD Copy Plus is EXACTLY like the original. Nothing is compressed or left off the disc, you get a perfect copy.

DVD Copy Plus / DVD Ripper features:

  • Simple, Step-by-step Instructions!

  • You choose the features to be included!

  • You choose the type of media (CD-R or DVD-R)!

  • You copy your movie and watch it on a DVD player!

  • Playback on any home DVD player*

  • Backup your DVD Movie Collection

  • No Expensive DVD Burner Required

  • Free Live Technical Support

  • DVD Copy Plus is compatible with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/XP and 2000.

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*DVD Player must support VCD/SVCD format. Most DVD players include this feature.
**DVD Recordable Drive Required.

DVD Copy Plus - Copy any DVD to CD with this DVD Ripper & DVD Converter software!


DVD Copy Plus - DVD Ripper & DVD Copier software


Everything in DVD Copy Plus is presented in an easy, simple to use, application interface. It's easier than ever before to start using the DVD Ripper software right away!


ALSO INCLUDED FREE with your purchase:

PowerCDR5 and DVDPhotoPro!  These programs allow you to transfer VHS to DVD, burn music CDs, burn software, burn Playstation games, and files of all kinds!


Best of all, the movies you create can be played on nearly all home DVD players. You're not forced to watch the movies you create strictly on our home computer. The movies that you create work in the living room DVD player as well as your portable DVD player.


+Buy DVD Copy Plus Now!+


Special Bonus with DVD Copy Plus - DVD Ripper Software: Power CDR5 - Backup DVD!Get PowerCDR5 FREE (a $60 Value!)

• Copy Playstation 1 Games
• Copy Software and Music CDs
• Archive & Backup to DVD

Special! Bonus with DVD Copy Plus - DVD Converter software: DVD Photo Pro - Create slideshows on CD!Get DVDPhotoPro FREE (a $30 Value!)

• Create Family Tree Videos
• Convert VHS Tapes to CD-R(W)
• Create Slide Shows on CD-R(W)


With DVD Copy Plus, it's a simple 3-step process:

Step 1: Insert DVD movie
Step 2: Copy on CD-R disc
Step 3: Watch Movie

It can't get any simpler than that!

+Buy DVD Copy Plus Now!+


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