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 - Learn about DVDs with the "What Is DVD" article.  Learn why DVDs are an important development in the entertainment and computer industries.  Read on for more information!

ANCIENT HISTORY: When VHS and Sony Beta tape cassette recorders were introduced into the consumer market in the 1970’s, the entertainment industry went crazy. Lawsuits claimed that copyrights were being violated in mass by the general public. The entertainment industry claimed that they would be doomed unless Congress acted immediately. Imagine…people would actually record television broadcasts!

In its infinite wisdom the entertainment industry, especially the movie industry, lobbied to ban the production of consumer video tape recording devices. Of course video play back devices were okay, because it would allow the very profitable spin-off industry of movie tape rentals. In a nutshell, they wanted our cake and they wanted to eat it too. After all of the lobbying and countless court appearances, it was decided that the public had the right to record signals that were broadcast over the airways. They could even make archival copies of their purchased movie

tapes. This was actually fortunate for the movie industry. Consumer tape recording devices were very expensive. It would not make sense for consumers to purchase an expensive tape device that only played rented tapes. The tape rental industry would almost certainly have perished in its infancy.

In response to these new laws, movie studios began to introduce copy guard systems to prevent tape duplication. The most popular copy guard is Macrovision. Macrovision is a licensed process that adds cost to production. Many movie tapes, however, do not have a copy guard.



Have you ever seen a dog lying next to a bone? The dog has lost interest in the bone, but will fight to the death to keep it away from anyone else. Just reach for it and the cute little puppy will turn into a hideous, snarling pile of teeth and fur.

Well, someone has reached for the bone again and the movie industry is unhappy, once again. In the last couple of years information on how to copy a DVD movie to recordable CD has surfaced. Some company’s even sell automated programs so that non-technical consumers could make copies of their movies. Now the movie industry and their lawyers are growling and snapping at everyone in sight. Lawsuits abound. The target is anyone who produces a software program that lets you back up your DVD movies. The claim is that back up programs allow for the illegal sale and distribution of copyrighted movies. Anyone who possesses the ability to make illegal copies must be guilty. Although the movie industry will most likely lose their cases, they hope to win with sheer muscle. The actual purpose of the suits is to drive small software companies out of business by keeping them in court.

In the last few years, DVD recording devices have been introduced for consumer use. Prices have fallen from several thousand dollars to around $300 today.

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 Blank DVD recordable media is available for less than a dollar each, down from about $45. Until this year, only a few individuals knew how to copy a movie DVD to a recordable DVD. The information is out there on the Internet, but you had to be a rocket scientist to understand it. Now that is changing. Expert-Guides, the leader in providing quality, how-to information, has released a series of DVD copy manuals. They are continually releasing more and more titles, some dealing with converting Divx to DVD and other related topics. The new guides are easy to follow. Now even a novice has the power to back up DVD movies. Like it or not, the industry is changing. 

the next generation of recorders is born

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As Internet speed improves, clever movie houses may sell movie files on-line to be downloaded and burned to the customer’s own DVD blank disc.


Once again the movie industry is trying to shoot itself in the head. “Those sinners, those Evil-Doers, they are trying to copy our movies!” What the movie industry fails to realize, it that people who are renting and copying DVD movies are, renting those DVDs. People are renting DVD movies they never thought of renting before. The feeling of power when one learns to copy DVD movies, leads one to do crazy things. “I’m going to rent all of the new releases. “When I am finished with those, I really must have the original Outer Limits collection in my library.” “I can’t pass up the newly re-mastered Flying Nuns series” (and so on!). The point is that more offerings for rentals leads to more purchases of DVD movies by the video rental companies. These rentals are not lost sales; they are additional rentals leading to additional sales. 

“Until this year, only a few individuals knew how to copy a movie DVD to a recordable DVD.”

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Will movies ever be the same?

Copying rented DVD movies for private viewing is somewhat of a gray area and, most importantly, it is not practical to haul the offending party into court. Imagine you are the prosecuting attorney. Your case has an equity problem: “Your Honor this party owes the price of a movie, and we pray for a box of popcorn as punitive damages. Also the defendant deserves 5 years in jail and a $100,000 fine for his destructive and felonious behavior.”

People who rent movies are usually people who saw the movie in the theater. How many times should people pay to see a movie? 


One thing is certain; this too shall pass. Recordable DVDs will eventually be replaced. The likely candidate is the new 40 GB blue light laser DVDs…and the process will begin all over again.


“The new guides are easy to follow. 
Now even a novice has the power to back up DVD movies.”

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