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Turn VHS to DVD - Download the latest & greatest DVD Software including: DVD Rippers, DVD Converters, DVD Burners and more!  Also learn about DVD Burner hardware, DVD discs, and the DVD format!

DVD Copy Gold - DVD Ripper, DVD Converter software


Copy DVDs then burn them to CDs.  It's Simple.

"Easily copy any DVD movies with your CD Burner and watch them with the supreme, crisp DVD picture quality on your home computer or DVD player!"


COPY your own DVD Movies to blank CD's using nothing more than the DVD Copy Gold software, a DVD Drive and your CD Burner!  For less than the cost of only 2 DVD movies you will receive all the necessary instructions, guides, and the complete DVD ripper software to copy all your DVD to CD.

You will also receive the exclusive Easy 3 Step Guide which will walk you through step by step.


"After You Make Your First Copy You Will Be Amazed At How Easy it is to Make As Many Copies of As Many Movies As You Want!"


What you need:

  • DVD Drive on your computer

  • A CD Burner, or a combo CDRW/DVD will work as well.

  • A Blank CD

  • Our Complete Software Package

Learn More about DVD Copy Gold!

DVD Copy Gold - DVD Ripping Features:

  • Step-by-Step Manual that will walk you through the process of how to copy ANY DVD you create as well as how to convert ALL your DVD's to CD's!

  • Easy 3 step process for copying DVD's.

  • Our Complete Software Program.

  • Ability to play the movie right from your hard drive or watch it on a standard DVD player*.

  • Backup your entire DVD movie collection.

  • Instantly Downloadable and step-by-step instructions (no waiting in the mail for product to arrive)

  • No DVD Burner required!

  • FREE Updates for Life!

  • Everything Provided! All you need is a computer with a CD-R or CD-RW drive, and a DVD drive installed (standard on most computers out today)

Learn More about DVD Copy Gold!


Do I need to buy a DVD-Burner?

NO. You can copy DVDs using your existing CD Writer. This eliminates the need to spend thousands on a conventional DVD burner.

Do I Need a DVD Drive on My computer to copy a DVD?



Can I use a standard CD-R?



Will it work with Windows ME or XP?

Yes, our product is compatible with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/XP and 2000.


Can DVD-COPIES be played on a standard DVD Player?

Yes, most DVD-COPIES can be played on a standard DVD Player, provided the DVD Player supports Video CD (VCD). Most DVD Players manufactured within the last two years, support the standard Video CD format.


Will my CD retain the same quality and digital stereo that is on my DVD?

The quality is AMAZING! VCD quality is much better than VHS, but not exactly the same as DVD. Few can even tell the difference, while most can't. The audio portion is recorded in true digital stereo and you will retain the same aspect ratio of a DVD.

Is the software hard to use?

Not with our complete guide. Our manual provides step by step easy to follow instructions. We have also included screenshots to make it easier.


What is the minimum hardware and software requirements?

- A DVD-ROM Player installed in a computer
- A CD-RW (CD Burner)
- You need to be running Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
- CD's for making backup.

Will it work on all CD Burners?

We have tested most CD Burners and it has worked on all of them!


Will I be able to play these CD's on my console DVD player?

Majority of DVD players support VCD. If your player also support VCD, you will be able to play these CD's on it.


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